Although it's not an official studio announcement and things can and will change as they always do, Zack Snyder is now touting Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead as his next film.

The director confirmed the rumours during a Q&A session on Vero, but stopped short of giving any further details on what the film will look like. The novel, written in 1943, follows an architect who battles the system and struggles to maintain his own artistic identity in the face of criticism from his peers and the media and was adapted for the screen in 1949 with Gary Cooper playing the architect.

The novel is often praised by right-wing types and libertarians for its themes, and Donald Trump praised the novel in campaign speeches, claiming he identified with Roark. Others have criticised it for glorifying rape and being anti-altruistic in its message - so expect this to just go down a treat with the usual suspects.

Snyder hasn't set any release date as of yet and no studio has announced on it any slate, so it could be that this is further down the line than expected. Here's the trailer of the 1949 adaptation.


Via Vero