When I met him I suggested that, if it was the 80s, he would already be an action star, and it looks like Zac Efron listened. He will star in an untitled romantic action flick, reports Darkhorizons.com.

The film was originally called The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman, and is based on a blacklisted script from 2007 (meaning it was thought by industry folk to be one of the best unmade scripts it town). In the film Efron will play a suburban kid who spontaneously travels to Eastern Europe to "find himself." Early on he falls for an alluring young woman and the only thing standing between them is her charismatic, dangerous ex from a criminal underworld. Sounds very Tom Cruise, which is apparently the career Efron would most like to emulate.

He's a lot bulkier than you'd expect in person, and a very nice guy. Kind of reminded me of Ryan Phillippe in The Way of the Gun, which is why I mentioned the action thing to him. Swedish ads helmer Fredrik Bond will make his feature directing debut with the flick.