You will soon be able to watch "clean" versions of Sony films because in Trumps America you can boast about grabbing women's p**sies, but you can't make dick and fart jokes.

It'll be like watching Die Hard on terrestrial TV, YIPPIE-KI-YAY MELON FARMER.

Always enjoyed this one from Do The Right Thing too.. can you guess the real curse word?

The clean versions of your favourite Sony films will be provided as a digital option when you purchase one of their flicks. But it won't be without problems.



To be fair, that's most of Rogen's films, in the best possible way. They are crude, but it's not WHY they're funny... it does help, though.

We get why Sony are doing this, family friendly and all that, but what would be the point in something like Bad Boys, or any Quentin Tarantino joint?