Between Terminator on our screens, a Bush running for the US Presidency and everyone in Ireland having no money, we're basically living in a time-warp of the '80s.

So, to fully complete this time-warp, we need another Top Gun movie with Tom Cruise. What's that, you say? There's one on the way?

David Ellison of Skydance Productions, which currently has the rights for Top Gun, have said that they have locked down Tom Cruise to return as Maverick.

The film's been in gestation for quite some time, with Tony Scott gearing up to return as director before his untimely passing.

In a recent interview, Ellison confirmed that a writer is currently working the script over as Christopher McQuarrie gave it an initial run.

He also confirmed that the story would focus on the use of drones and the 'end of the fighter pilot era', which we think is quite interesting.

So, let's talk casting. Obviously Tom Cruise HAS to return as Maverick. Val Kilmer, bless him, doesn't really look the Mae West and seeing him struggle to get into a jumpsuit again as Iceman's going to be a bit weird.

Kelly McGinnis hasn't been in anything we've seen in quite some time - maybe she could return? We'd also like to see Tim Robbins reprise his role as Hollywood.

Yes, Shawshank Redemption's Tim Robbins was in Top Gun. Check iMDB if you don't believe us.