Did you honestly think an open-air film screening ON A BEACH in the middle of October was going to happen?

If you did, congratulations - you're probably the biggest optimist in your friends. Never dull your sparkle, friend. To everyone else, yes, you were right to think that Facebook Event everyone kept sharing was absolutely sketchy.

The Movies On The Beach event, which had a whopping 60,000 possible attendees, was deleted from Facebook last night after... well... it was a scam, basically. It was never going to happen. Ever.

The event, which was shared extensively, claimed it was going to host a film screening somewhere on one of Dublin's beaches tonight. Of course, the event was never going to happen because trying to host an open-air anything in the winter months in Ireland is just daft. Especially on a beach.

Don't worry, though. We've got something pretty cool lined up that we'll way better...


Via Facebook