$141. That's £97 in English money and €124 in our money.

€124 could get you a decent night out, complete with food, drinks and a cab home. You could also get about five bottles of gin for that amount. You could also get a really fancy meal in a Michelin-starred restaurant or a LOT of pizza. Either way, it's an insignificant amount and yet, that's how much audiences shelled out to see Anthony Hopkins, Al Pacino and Josh Duhamel on screen together for the first time.

Misconduct, a legal thriller set in a high-powered law firm, has been getting universally bad reviews wherever it opens; it's currently sitting at just 8% on Rotten Tomatoes and has been called one of the worst films of the year. However, despite this, the film's done well in other territories - South Korea, for example, netted the film just under $900,000 during its run.

For the United Kingdom, however, Misconduct managed to take in a paltry amount spread across five cinemas - averaging in and around £30 per screen. When you boil that down to actual people, you're talking maybe four or five people in the actual screening. Of course, there's another reason for all this - despite the poor reviews and the fact that Al Pacino has done a decent film in years.

Warcraft: The Beginning opened wide to huge fanfare and, most likely, swooped up the audience for a legal thriller with three actors now doing television work.

Not unsurprisingly, there's no plans to show Misconduct in Ireland. As for Misconduct, it's due to go down as one of the biggest flops in recent years. Made on a budget of $11,000,000, the film had SIXTEEN executive producers and was the directorial debut of Shintaro Shimosawa, who had a successful career up to this point producing US remakes of K-horror classics like The Grudge. So far, worldwide, it's made just $938,744 - so that's a loss of $10,061,256.



Via Variety