One of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of interviewing, and now the star of the biggest movie of all time, Sam Worthington has added the film Dracula: Year Zero to his busy slate.

The Avatar and Terminator Salvation star will work with fellow Aussie Alex Proyas, who'll follow up his stint directing Nic Cage in Knowing, with this origin tale of the ultimate fanged one. According to Variety, story explores the origin of Dracula, "weaving vampire mythology with the true history of Prince Vlad the Impaler and depicting Dracula as a flawed hero in a tragic love story set in a dark age of magic and war."

When I spoke to Worthington he was adamant that the directors are the main reasons why he chooses the films he does, not just scripts as they "chop and change" all the time. He'll next be seen in Clash of the Titans next month