To be precise, the poster of Tod Browning's 1931 adaptation of Dracula sold at auction for $525,000.

The 'Style A' poster was kept hidden for a number of years, and was put up for auction at Heritage Auctions’ Movie Posters in Dallas, Texas. According to a press statement released after the sale, the dramatic artwork "is a rare, important poster that sparked intense bidding among some of our elite collectors...Considering the sheer beauty of the poster and the timeless popularity of the film, it’s not a surprise that the demand was so high."

Here's the poster in question.

Movie memorabilia, particularly from the pre-Code era and props that have been used on-screen, always fetch a high price at auction. In the same auction where the 1931 poster was sold, reports that a one-sheet poster for Phantom Of The Opera sold for $95,600, whilst a lobby card for The Mummy (not the Tom Cruise, the original 1932 one) sold for $26,920.

Just think - in about fifty or sixty years, someone will be bidding on a poster for The Emoji Movie like it's actually worth something.