In some pretty damn amazing news, it’s just being announced that the 1980's Jean Claude Van Damme slugfest, Kickboxer is being remade by the man who directed Kung Fu Hustle.

Not only that say THR, but none other than former UFC Welterweight champion George Saint Pierre will appear in the film, alongside sometime actor and WWE Superstar, Dave Bautista.

Neither of those chaps will be the lead, though, as Hollywood stunt man and martial artist Alain Moussi will take the Van Damme role in the Stephen Chow flick that will be shopped to perspective buyers at Cannes in the coming weeks.  

The original is great craic; usual Van Damme malarkey of the time that essentially saw him avenging his brother’s death after he traveled to the Far East to compete in a fighting tournament and died at the hands of a tough bastard with a terrible haircut. It’s unclear what role GSP would play, but it would make sense for him to play the brother while Bautista is an obvious one for the villain.

We’re excited about this and will not apologise for it. One bit.