Whenever Hollywood casts someone in an iconic role there's bound to be a bit of a ruaille buaille but Israeli actress Gal Godot's had more than her fair share of criticism since she was announced as the new Wonderwoman.

Ever since the big announcement was made fans have been flocking to internet forums to complain that she's far to skinny for the role and, as per The Jerusalem Post, an Israeli talk show took things a step further by putting a rather blunt question to the actress herself: "Wonder Woman in large-breasted… is that going to change?"

"Breasts... anyone can buy for 9,000 shekels and everything is fine," the actress replied. "By the way, Wonder Woman is Amazonian, and historically accurate Amazonian women actually had only one breast. So, if I really go by the book, it’d be problematic." Not if she went by the comic book, but that's another matter entirely.

"It’s the physical preparations that I’m starting now," Gadot went on to say. "A very serious training regime – Kung Fu, kickboxing, swords, jujutsu, Brazilian... 1,001 things... I’ll gain body mass."

And to think we thought Batfleck was getting a hard time...