Bad news, Amazons - the wait for Wonder Woman just got a little bit longer.

It was confirmed today that Michelle MacLaren, one of the lead director / producers of Breaking Bad, has left DC / Warner Bros.' standalone film for Wonder Woman.

The iconic character, which will be introduced in Batman V Superman, is to be played by Israel's Gal Gadot. Warner Bros., the studio behind DC Comics' Cinematic Universe - DCCU for short, were keen to make a song and dance about the fact they wanted a female director for Wonder Woman.

As always, the usual "creative differences" were cited for MacLaren's exit with some rumours circulating as to why. The one that has the most traction seems to be concerning a talking tiger.

Yes, we're not kidding. In some of the earlier comics, Wonder Woman had a tiger sidekick that could talk to her. Look, it was the 1960s.

In any case, MacLaren's out - so who's up next? We originally mooted Kathryn Bigelow for this as she's a solid action director and can work with big budgets like this. We'd also throw Mimi 'Deep Impact' Leder into the running because she's also a solid action director who's worked with big budgets.

Angelina Jolie could be an option, but it's highly unlikely. She's too busy working up her new film with husband Brad Pitt so that puts her out of the running.

It's entirely possible that Warners' may simply abandon their well-meaning plan to have a female director for Wonder Woman and pick a man instead.

The pool of female directors who are capable of directing big-budget action is disgracefully small, unfortunately, and it's possible they may all be booked up - resulting in the aforementioned option happening.