Terminator Genisys is on the way to cinemas this week, which makes the timing of this particular tweet quite something. 

The tragic news that a life had been lost at a VW factory in Germany as a result of an accident involving a robot is no laughing matter, but the internet certainly found a bit of humour in that darkness when the news broke last night about an incident that took place near Kassel, Germany. 

Sarah O'Connor of the Financial Times tweeted the story, which of course drew comparisons with the infamous Sarah Connor of the Terminator franchise, and even though she's never seen the films (apparently) she did realise the similarity after she started getting inundated with tweets about Arnie and skynet, and how we would all soon be wiped out by merciless assassin robots.

As she points out herself, however, it is important to remember that there is a very sad element to this story, and there was a life lost, something which the internet can sometimes lose sight of in its pursuit of the joke.