Justice League's roster of highly-talented actors just got another one in the form of Willem Dafoe.

The actor, who memorably played Norman Osborn / Green Goblin in the first Spider-Man, has signed on to play an as-yet unspecified role in the follow-up to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Dafoe joins JK Simmons, who was confirmed as Commissioner Gordon last week, and returning cast members Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot and (d'uh, obviously) Henry Cavill.

More details are sure to trickle out as the film has begun production, with Zack Snyder wrapping up the world promotional tour and returning to work almost directly afterwards. Plot-wise, the rumours are flying thick and fast, but pretty much everyone's sure that the major villain of Justice League will be Darkseid, an inter-dimensional being who believes all life is an extension of himself and must force humanity to bend to his will.

Original creator Jack Kirby based on Darkseid on Hitler and even gave the character jack-boots like the Nazi uniform to further heighten the whole thing. The word is that Willem Dafoe will be playing a good character, not a villain, and that he'll appear in the two parts of Justice League. Beyond that, of course, is a mystery.

Justice League, Part I is headed to our cinemas on November 17th, 2017 and Part II will arrive on June 14th, 2019.