Will Smith's latest movie opening ranks as one of his lowest, but the smaller budgeted ($50 million) film will still turn a decent profit according to funding studio Warner Bros.

Smith's con artist movie, Focus, co-starring Margot Robbie pulled in just under $20 million on its opening weekend in the US - small numbers when compared to that of I Am Legend, Men In Black etc. But it was never intended to be a huge blockbuster, say Warner Bros.

Snow has also been playing havoc in certain parts of America, with towns on lock down, and fans of big Willy staying in doors instead of heading to their local multiplex to see their hero. 

The flick was reasonably well reviewed and should do solid business overall. This isn't a flop like After Earth, which cost serious blockbuster dosh, but rather a mid-range effort with the box office reflecting that.

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