There had been rumblings a while ago that Will Smith was circling the biblical tale Cain and Able as a possible starring vehicle, but it seems that may not be his only job on the epic production.

According to Deadline, the film will be called The Redemption of Cain with Smith looking to make his directorial debut on the film; he'd make it through Sony Pictures - where he's made the majority of his flicks. The biblical tale of Cain and Abel centres on the first person ever to be born (Cain) and the first to be promptly killed (Abel). God, angry sort that he is, would not except Cain's offering of some produce and damn well insisted Cain kill his sibling dead. That's an episode of Jeremy Kyle if ever I heard one.

Smith is as busy as you'd expect and is currently filming the M. Night Shyamalan science fiction flick, After Earth, with his son Jaden, so this won't be his next movie.