Will Ferrell's lined up his next movie and it looks pretty interesting.

Ferrell will star in an upcoming comedy that centres around the intense world of Shakespearean theatre actors.

The veteran comedy actor's next film in cinemas, however, will be Get Hard. Which we have no idea what that's about. Is it like Die Hard? No, probably not.

The current screenwriters attached are David Guinon and Michael Handelman, who wrote god-awful The Internship, The Watch and just-OK Blades of Glory and Men In Black III.

What do we think of Ferrell doing Shakespeare? The only thing we can think that Ferrell's done that resembles Shakespeare is that time when he was the Black Knight in a really early episode of Family Guy.

That's about it, really.

Last year's Anchorman 2 wasn't exactly the Mae West, but we know he can still be as funny as the rest of them.

That said, the track record of the screenwriters doesn't fill us with confidence so it's hard to know.

No release date has been set for the as-yet untitled film.


via Variety.com