Will Ferrel and Adam McKay (Anchorman writer) are set to come together again for what's being described as a semi-religious comedy called Swear To God. While plot details have yet to surface, Deadline reports that the script would see Ferrell as a narcissistic stockbroker type who undergoes some sort of divine experience, believing that he has come in contact with God himself. Ferrell's given the green light to Warner Bros. for this comedy pitch and it seems they're keen to keep him close at hand given that he's already got a political comedy called Southern Rivals in the making for the same company.

McKay is not yet confirmed as a director, probably because he's up to his eyeballs working on an adaptation of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's comic book The Boys. Fingers crossed he clears his schedule because if Anchorman is anything to go by, a marriage of these minds on Swear to God would be a heaven send.

Caroline Foran