Look, we knew about this yesterday but we held off mentioning it because people would think it's an April Fools joke.

It wasn't and we're better than crap April Fools jokes.

Will Ferrell and Kirsten Wiig have announced that they've filmed a Lifetime Movie. If you're unfamiliar with Lifetime, it's sort of like a TV channel that plays those crappy films you see on Netflix with two stars.

The title's usually something like "Conspiracy of Silence" or "Silence The Waves" or "Silence: The Person You've Never Heard Of Story" and stars some actor you remember from somewhere, but can't really place without checking iMDB.

The Lifetime Movie is called A Deadly Adoption - amazing - and tells the story of a successful career couple who are housing a pregnant woman in the hopes of adopting the unborn child.

The film is ostensibly a knowing wink to the genre of Lifetime movies, and Ferrell made a similar spoof with TV miniseries The Spoils of Babylon.

If any of you 30 Rock fans out there recall, Kirsten Wiig had a brief cameo in one episode where she starred in a faux-Lifetime Movie about a woman Jack was seeing.


That's basically what this film is going to be about and we honestly can't wait. 

An Irish cinema release is highly unlikely because, well, it's a TV movie and they don't usually get a cinema release.


Via THR.com