In some really strange news, The Daily Mail is reporting that Bridesmaids helmer Paul Feig is in "complex" negotiations to direct a third Bridget Jones film.

The original was a huge hit in 2001, while a sequel (which I haven't seen) popped up a few years later in 2004 and made some serious clams, but wasn't as well received critically. Since that film came out, Colin Firth has ascended to Oscar winning A-list leading man, while Renee Zellweger is more likely to end up on a TV show than headlining a hit movie. Other star of the series, Hugh Grant, just turned down a chance to star in the biggest show on television, Two and a Half Men, but apparently has other projects lined up.

Feig is a director in demand after the mammoth hit that was Bridesmaids, and would surely have his pick of scripts to helm. If this happens at all, I'll be genuinely surprised - never mind with Firth and Feig involved.