Here's a little peek behind the curtains in the world of movie journalism and entertainment press.

Normally, studios will offer a clip to outlets that often features a key scene or perhaps some moment that the director thinks is important to the audience getting to grips with the story. It can be very often a big splashy moment, or it can be just some randomly chosen scene that puts the two stars together on screen.

This clip from Oirish disaster piece / romantic comedy 'Wild Mountain Thyme', however, doesn't appear to fit any of these descriptions. Indeed, there is so much in this 46-second clip that raises questions.

We'll begin by showing you the clip, then posing our questions afterwards.

So, to begin with, what exactly is Jamie Dornan's character wearing and why is he wearing it like that? A spotless mac jacket in the middle of a field somewhere in Mayo? No, come on.

Second, there is not one single farmer on this green and lovely island who doesn't know exactly how many acres he or she has. Moreover, while we may not be a "direct people" (what kind of bullsh*t is that?), farmers know their frontage and acreage. So, that's very wrong.

Third, what is actually going on with Jamie Dornan's accent? How does someone from Co. Down have that unconvincing an Irish accent? Even the way he says "'twould be a bloody farce..." just screams diddly-aye Irishisms.

Finally, the description - if you click into the video, you'll see it - of this movie is, according to vaunted US outlet Vulture / New York Magazine, is that it's "Irish Moonstruck". Incorrect, Vulture. This is not even close to 'Moonstruck', though they may share the same writer and director. No, this is more closer to something like 'Darby O'Gill and the Little People' meets 'Emily In Paris' by way of a shitty straight-to-video rom-com.

'Wild Mountain Thyme' goes on release from December 11th. We are just waiting for the opportunity to review it.