The all-male posturing and testosterone fuelled Expendables series is set for a third go around, with the rumoured return of Mickey Rourke, and new arrivals such as Stevel Seagal, Jackie Chan and Wesley Snipes.

But let's face, what would get us going to the cinema even more would be an all-female kick-ass crew saving the world. Here's who we'd cast, if things like budget and reality weren't an issue.

Sylvester Stallone becomes Angelina Jolie
The undisputed leader of the pack, and when you think of kick-ass females, the first person that comes to mind is Jolie. After the likes of Tomb Raider, Salt, Mr & Mrs Smith and Wanted, she is our go-to action actress.

Jason Statham becomes Gina Carano
Second in command, with undisputed actual talent when it comes to inflicting pain. Carano has done well with her big screen career so far, turning heads and snapping necks in Haywire and Fast & Furious 6, she's more than believable when she decides she wants to snap a bad guy in half.

Jet Li becomes Lucy Liu
The kung-fu master. While it may be unfair to compare Liu to Li's actual mastery of kung-fu, her portrayal of a karate queen in the likes of Kill Bill, Charlie's Angels and The Man With The Iron Fists shows that she can fake it better than most.

Dolph Lundgren becomes Cynthia Rothrock
A holdover from the 80s, many of today's young cinema goers may not remember O Brien from her heyday. Particularly the likes of the China O'Brien and Lady Dragon series, she was one spandex wearing lady not to be trifled with.

Chuck Norris becomes Lucy Lawless
Remember her? How perfect would she be if she rocked up in a day-saving and scene-stealing cameo?? She was Xena: Warrior Princess for nearly a decade, and she's still sprouting up on TV to this day on the likes of Parks & Recreation, Battlestar Galactica and Spartacus: Blood & Sand.

Jean-Claude Van Damme becomes Michelle Rodriguez
This year's Fast & Furious 6 shows that she can do a good villain, and she's got her action-packed CV to prove she's got the mettle to stand up to the good guys. Rodriguez VS Jolie? That's a fight we wouldn't put a bet on, but we sure would love to see!


Bruce Willis becomes Sigourney Weaver
Weaver would make for an awesome behind-the-scenes string puller who only gets pulled into the action when it's absolutely necessary. She is pretty much the iconic action mama thanks to her portrayal of Ellen Ripley in the Aliens series, and when she talks, you just know everybody is listening.

Arnold Schwarzenegger becomes Linda Hamilton
They were both in the first two Terminator movies, they have both been out of the big screen limelight (although their reasons vary slightly), so it makes perfect sense than Hamilton fills the Schwarzenegger role. Her stone-cold character overhaul for Terminator 2 would make for an interestingly vague head-honcho role.

Terry Crews becomes Grace Jones
Both physically imposing, and both inherently terrifying. Jones has action in her blood having featured in a Bond film (A View To A Kill) and also stood alongside Arnie in Conan The Destroyer. She's only been in three films since the dawn of the 21st Century, so it'd awesome to see her return.

Randy Couture becomes Katie Taylor
Couture got his start as a wrestling star, so there's no reason to believe that Katie Taylor couldn't get that same start as a boxer if she were so inclined. There are plenty of female wrestlers to choose from for the role - George Clooney's girlfriend Stacy Keibler comes to mind – but we want to keep the Irish end up!

Liam Hemsworth becomes Jennifer Lawrence
Hemsworth played the new addition to the time, so we'd like to see his Hunger Games co-star play the hot new recruit to the Expendabelles. Lawrence also has the X-Men series under her belt, and having played so many serious roles, it'd be nice to see her loosen up a bit with some good old fashioned fist fights with explosions in the background.