Marie (Sonia Suhl) has never felt comfortable in her secluded fishing village, where secrets seem to stifle the air like the damp fog that rolls in off
the cold sea. Few people will look her in the eye, not even her overprotective father or her overly medicated mother. When she gets a job at a local
fish processing plant, the usual hazings seem uncomfortably antagonistic. At the same time, Marie feels herself undergoing some changes. She’s becoming stronger, more confident and sexual, but also more aggressive. And what about those strange patches of hair? Marie, like her mother before her, is slowly becoming a werewolf. While her father (Lars Mikkelsen) wants to heavily sedate her and the loutish young men of the village want to abuse her, young Marie has plans of her own.

Director Jonas Alexander Arnby and screenwriter Rasmus Birch skilfully play out the genre elements of their story (tipping their hats to David Cronenberg and John Landis as they go) while also delivering a biting critique of patriarchal societies’ fear of female empowerment.

Philadelphia Film Festival


Please note that the festival is over 18s only