When you're hungover at any age, but especially past your twenties, comfort becomes essential.

You need lots of soakage food - chicken rolls, maybe a tub or three of Pringles, lots of sugar - and you need something reliable you can watch. It might be something weird like 'Jaws', maybe some random episode of 'Friends' or 'Seinfeld', or just even something, anything to take the pressure off your brain trying to kill you.

Of course, other times, it's not so easy and you can end up watching something that - quite frankly - you probably shouldn't watch while hungover. On this week's episode of The Filum Show, we ended up talking about the work of Terence Malick and our host, Eoin Ronayne, revealed that he ended up watching 'The Tree of Life' - the experimental, esoteric epic about the conception of life itself told through the eyes of Sean Penn - while desperately hungover.

Needless to say, the movie didn't have the intended effect on him while viciously hungover, so we're asking you, what's the worst movie you ever watched while hungover? Did you end up watching it when you were recovered, and did it change your mind?

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