So its Friday again woop woop!! And once again we are going to round up the best of the films out this week for you to go see.

On the Road based on the novel by Jack Kerouac starring Kristen Stewart and Sam Riley is out this week. Young writer Sal Paradises (Sam Riley) life is turned upside dpwn by the arrival of Dean Moriarty(Garett Hedlund) and his wife Marylou (Kristen Stewart) as they travel across the country For more check out the review of the film here.

Also out this week is the comedy romance Hit and Run written and co-directed by Dax Shepard. Shepard also stars in the film as Charlie Brosnan who is in witness protection and living with his girlfriend in a small town when she is offered a job in LA. Upon driving her there Bronson soon finds himself in numerous predicaments as various people try to hunt them down leading to a cross country chase. If you want something abit lighthearted and funny this film is it not to mention Bradley Cooper makes an appearance. You can read our review here.

Hotel Transylvania hits ourscreens this week, this one is more for the children within us or a way to keep the kids quiet this weekend. The film follows Count Drac(voice by Adam Sandler) who has run a hotel for misunderstood monsters. Drac is planning a party for his daughter Mavis(Selena Gomez) 118th birthday determined to keep her from the outside world but the arrival of Jonathan (Andy Samberg) only fuels her desire to leave more much to Drac's annoyance. To read our review on this film go here

Our must see film of the week is the charming and quirky Ruby Sparks. Calvin is a writer struggling with writers block leading him to creating a female character which he manages to dream her into reality. Our movie editor Caroline Foran met up with the cast of Ruby Sparks and  you can check out our review here.

If you are looking for something entirely different another film out this week is the Dreamtime Revisited a film based on the work of philosopher and poet John Moriarty through a series of interviews with his family and close friends and excerpts of his work.

Til next week!