This week on the movie show, it's all eyes on Seven Psychopaths. From the writer and director of In Bruge comes Seven Psychopaths, Martin McDonagh's latest black comedy collaboration with fellow Irishman, Colin Farrell. Farrell stars here as Marty, a screenwriter struggling to piece together a story about seven disctinct psychos, some of whom he's beginning to cross paths with in real life. Sam Rockwell stars as Marty's affable yet psychopathic bezzo, Billy, who kidnaps neighbourhood dogs for a living. After Billy and Hans (Christopher Walken) yoink Woody Harrelson's gangster's beloved Shih Tzu, Marty finds himself inadvertendly embroiled in the LA crime world. Soon, his script begins to write itself. Funny and odd.

Joining me to review Seven Psychopaths is movie show regular, FM104's Sean Munsanje. I also caught up with Martin McDonagh and Sam Rockwell who stopped off in Dublin as they promoted the movie worldwide. Pair of gents so they are.

As always with the movie show you can win yerself a whopper prize. Watch 'til the end and you never know, today could be your lucky day!