It was Thanksgiving in America yesterday, as three high profile films took advantage of the holiday season and unleashed their wrath on the box office. Four Christmases, Australia and Transporter 3 were the films to open wide, with reviews not exactly glowing for any of them. Vince Vaughn is a huge favourite of mine, and almost always cracks me up; but Four Christmases has not been a critical hit, with most scribes finding the film lacking: Newsday called it "pretty generic", while The Washington Post thought it was "Several maraschino cherries short of a fruitcake." Australia has long been in production, as Moulin Rouge director Baz Luhrmann was reportedly tweaking his production until the last minute; but it's firmly divided critics, as most expected it to be a genuine Oscar contender. USA Today offers the case against a viewing saying: "Australia tries to be a sprawling, romantic epic. Instead, it's a melodramatic exercise in tedium", while legendary Chicago Sun-Times critic Roger Ebert praised it spewing: "What a gorgeous film, what strong performances, what exhilarating images and - yes, what sweeping romantic melodrama." The Transporter films have never been review driven, but most found them a guilty pleasure once the action was amped up; if we're to believe the American scribes, Transporter 3  is the worst of the franchise so far. The Hollywood Reporter offered a pedantic put down saying: "The third time's the bomb - and not in a good way."