With tickets for The Dark Knight Rises already on sale, we're firmly into the gaping mouth of blockbuster season.

Still to come this summer are the likes of The Amazing Spider-Man (July 3rd); the much buzzed about stripper drama Magic Mike (July 13th); the apparently brilliant debut feature of Family Guy creator Seth McFarlene, Ted (Aug 1st); and the Jeremy Renner led spin-off The Bourne Legacy (Aug 13th). We also have the remake of Total Recall starring our very own Colin Farrell on August 29th. Of course, the one big movie with the potential to rival Marvel's Avenger's Assemble is The Dark Knight Rises. The last in the Chris Nolan trilogy of Batman movies, it drew a standing ovation from studio executives when he screened it for them a while back. That is released on July 20th.

The summer has certainly had its moments so far, but do you see a film on that list other that 'Rises' that will rock your socks off?