Forbes have published one of those lists that breaks down the most financially successful folks in terms of face time in Hollywood. So, er, actors.

There are a few surprises on the list, but the man who tops it, Robert Downey Jr, does so mostly on the back of a profit share deal he made with Marvel for The Avengers; that film went on to gross well over a billion dollars at the worldwide box office. So smart move, Bob.

Dwayne Johnson was the biggest box office star on earth last year, so no surprises with in inclusion. 

It's also great to see one of our own on there. Liam Neeson has been a mainstay in Hollywood for many, many years and that late reinvention as an action star in his 60s is obviously paying off.

1 - Robert Downey Jr - $75 million
2 - Dwayne Johnson - $52 million
3 - Bradley Cooper - $46 million
4 - Leonardo DiCaprio - $39 million
5 - Chris Hemsworth - $37 million
6 - Liam Neeson - $36 million
7 - Ben Affleck - $35 million
8 - Christian Bale - $35 million
9 - Will Smith - $32 million
10 - Mark Wahlberg - $32 million

Generally Tom Cruise is a mainstay, but he only really makes one film a year, with both Edge of Tomorrow and Oblivion doing well, it's strange he's not there. 

Via Shortlist