The legend that is Wes Craven has spoken about the possibility of a new Scream trilogy, and his involvement if it was to go ahead. The director told Digital Spy: "I'm not closed to it, I'm not open to it, I'll be perfectly happy to read a script and tell (producer Bob Weinstein) what I think." He also went on to add that the only original characters returning would be Courtney Cox and David Arquette, saying that, to best of his knowledge (through conversations with writer Kevin Williamson), it would not be a reboot or any of that crap, but a new trio of sequels. Part of me really wants to see what direction they'll go in, but part of me also wants it left well alone. Williamson is a smart writer who has fallen from glory, so this could be his way back. Let us not forget that the first film is still incredibly sharply written, as well as generally excellent - as was the second.