Famed German looper/ace director, Werner Herzog (he recently helmed Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call and Grizzly Man) has surprisingly joined the action thriller One Shot, to play the villain opposite Tom Cruise's hero, reports Variety.

Herzog will play a character called "The Zec" an ex-P.O.W. who arranges and stages a seemingly random shooting at a mall. Cruise will play Jack Reacher, the man investigating the slayings, in the big screen adaptation of Lee Child's much loved series of books. Way of the Gun director and scripter of the Oscar winning Usual Suspects, Christopher McQuarrie directs from his own adapted screenplay with Cruise also producing.

This one is just about to start shooting, and I can't wait to see what McQuarrie does with it. Loved how he staged the action, and general tone, of Way of the Gun.