As you might have already heard, Michael Collins will be screened during this year's ADIFF '16 as part of the festival and the centenary of the 1916 Rising.

With that in mind, Warner Bros. Ireland and ADIFF have put out a general call for anyone who took part in the production of Michael Collins all the way back in 1995. Over 4,000 people took part as extras during the filming, with ADIFF looking to reach out to as many of these as possible.

As Grainne Humphreys, festival director explained, "everyone remembers the excitement in Dublin when it was being filmed and so many people were part of it as extras. The resulting film was and is the great film of the period from Neil Jordan at the height of his filmmaking powers. I expect it will resonate with the festival audience just as beautifully as it did 20 years ago."

There'll also be a special reunion event for the extras on February 20th, followed by the 20th Anniversary Screening of the film itself. If you or someone you know was an extra on Michael Collins, you can e-mail your story and any images you might have to [email protected] or you can tweet the official ADIFF Twitter account with the hashtag #MichaelCollins20.

Michael Collins will return to the cinemas from March 18th for a special re-release, with the film being made available on Blu-Ray for the first time from March 4th.