First we got word of potential Star Wars Episode 7 filming taking place on these here Emerald Isles, and now? Now we're talking Bond, James Bond.

Nothing is set in stone as of yet, however the produer Barbara Broccoli and writer John Logan are said to be in agreement that certain scenes could well be shot in Ireland. Though whether our current temperatures will bode well for a would-be scene in which Daniel Craig emerges from the Atlantic in his perfectly fitting trunks, we'll have to wait and see. What's spawned such rumblings, you ask? Well. as per the Irish Times, both Broccoli and the Oscar winning Logan were in attendance at an event hosted by the Institute of Directors to support the Irish film industry. If they're keen to support our island's industry, what better way to do so than bring one of the world's most successful and longstanding franchises to our shores. We don't hear anyone complaining about this suggestion, do you?

“I’m fully Irish,” Logan - whose parents hail from Belfast - said. While Broccoli said elsewhere that if Logan includes Ireland in his next script, then "we’ll come here. Ireland is gorgeous. I’d love to come here and make a Bond film."
Logan will make Ireland his home over the coming months as he produces his own TV series, Penny Dreadful, at Ardmore Studios. Joining Logan will be former Bond girl Eva Green, former Bond star Timothy Dalton and nothing-to-do-with-Bond Josh Hartnett. What's more, Sam Mendes will executive produce on this series.

So if we could just extend a warm welcome to Mendes and Logan, we may see Bond's drink change from Martini, to beer (as we saw him guzzle in Skyfall) to a pint of the black stuff.