There is always a fear with interviewers, and interviewees we'd guess, that when the interview is taking place, a lot of the some old questions keep getting churned out, and the whole thing just isn't very interesting. When we sat down with Reynor, he's in the middle of a worldwide press trip ("This is about the 300th interview I've done for this movie so far."), and since he's a fellow Irishman, we knew he'd be game for switching things up a little bit.

We did get round to talking about the summer's biggest blockbuster - Transformers: Age Of Extinction - as well as what it's like to work with the notoriously tough-as-nails director Michael Bay, the legendary Mark Wahlberg, and if he even still gets star-struck.

Reynor strikes us as a funny, laid-back but whip-smart young man who is still very much loving his job, and who isn't afraid to make fun of himself or switch up the usual very formal interview process, even throwing a few questions about the movie and his character back at us!

We're already looking forward to talking to him again!