Wes Craven has "no immediate plans" to direct a Scream 5, but he still has "dibs" on a film if it goes ahead.  

Neve Campbell, Kevin Williamson and indeed Craven himself have spoken about how difficult a shoot it was, with Bob Weinstein apparently a pain in the hoop on set for the majority of the shoot. He obviously didn't learn his lesson after the mess that was Cursed, when Craven when Williamson were both screwed and had to reshoot most of the movie. Scream 4 hasn't big a huge hit, but will top out at $100 million at the worldwide box-office on a budget of about $40 million, and should see some traction in the DVD market.

I'd love to see a fifth film, but with Craven and Williamson allowed do what they want this time. There were moments of pure glee in '4' but it was ultimately a bit of a mess.