You'd forget sometimes that when you're a director in charge of a multi-million budget, you can afford to have a little fun every now and then.

So it goes with Zack Snyder and Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice. During the production of the film, he and JJ Abrams' Bad Robot traded a few little barbs on Twitter and some photoshopped images that spliced Batman in the realm of Star Wars and and vice-versa. 

Snyder is, of course, an avowed Star Wars fan so it makes sense that he'd naturally want to try and infuse his film with some little nods and winks. Same goes for JJ Abrams, who actually placed a scale model of the Tumbler from Christopher Nolan's onto the hull of the physical Millennium Falcon that was constructed for The Force Awakens around two years ago.

Snyder posted out his response - two years later, it has to be said - to the video, saying that his was "long overdue."

Take a look!