Saoirse Ronan may not have secured an Oscar on Sunday night but she has plenty more on the horizon this year including this upcoming movie The Seagull, alongside Annette Bening, Elizabeth Moss and Corey Stoll.

The trailer for it was dropped by Entertainment Weekly today and it looks, well, not that great. That could maybe just be the trailer however which seems really outdated, it has a voiceover guy for crying out loud. It seems a bit like an Honest Trailer without the jokes, or else a trailer for a made-for-TV movie.

The Seagull is adapted from Anton Chekhov’s esteemed 1896 stage play of the same name. It follows an aging actress named Irina Arkadina (Bening), who visits her brother, Pjotr, and son, Konstantin (Billy Howle) on a secluded country estate.

The description reads: "As temperatures (and passions) rise in the throes of summer, Irina disrupts the placid social scene by introducing a successful novelist, Boris (Corey Stoll), to Nina (Ronan), a free-spirited young woman from a neighboring estate. Nina ultimately falls in love with Boris, which causes a stir among her peers — namely Irina’s son, whose affections for Nina come to a head as Boris seemingly chews up her heart and spits it out."

The movie was shot in just 21 days. Director Michael Mayer said in a statement: "An important critic at the time of the play’s premiere, Anatoly Koni, wrote to Chekhov saying: ‘It is life itself onstage, with all its tragic alliances, eloquent thoughtlessness and silent sufferings'.

"Chekhov didn’t live to see cinema emerge as an important global art form. He would never know how significant his contribution to writing and acting would be. I’d like to think that he would appreciate our film’s intention to capture forever, in Koni’s words, ‘the sort of everyday life that is accessible to everyone and understood in its cruel internal irony by almost no one.'"

You can watch the trailer below. Maybe we're missing something, or maybe the movie itself will be more impressive? We'll have to wait and see.

The Seagull is due out stateside on May 11th although an Irish/UK release date has yet to be announced.