With the success of Annabelle: Creation over the summer, plus the high anticipation for IT this week and Mother! next week, one thing is for sure – horror films are truly ruling the silver screen.

The trailer for a new horror couldn’t be more timely, this one coming from the Insidious franchise. The latest is called Insidious: The Last Key and while it’s the fourth film to be made, chronologically, it actually comes second in the series.

Lin Shaye returns as psychologist Elise Rainier, whose house in New Mexico begins to be haunted by malevolent and demonic spirits. The film is written by co-creator Leigh Whannell (who wrote the trilogy and directed Chapter 3), and produced by Insidious regulars Jason Blum (The Purge series, Get Out), Oren Peli (Paranormal Activity) and co-creator James Wan (The Conjuring). Series newcomer Adam Robitel directs.

Check out the trailer (and poster) below, if you dare…