Jacob Tremblay wowed us with his performance in Room while off-screen he proved himself to be humble, adorable and witty too.

This new film marks Tremblay’s latest venture into horror having previously starred with Kate Bosworth in Before I Wake.

In Shut In, he plays Tom, an orphan sent to child psychiatrist Mary (played by Naomi Watts) to deal with the trauma of his mother’s recent death. However, Tom has no interest in talking, and when Mary takes him in, he runs away in the middle of the night.

He is presumed dead but strange occurrences at Mary’s house indicate that he has become a supernatural being.

Watts stars as Mary, who as well as being haunted by a ghost child, is dealing with the loss of her husband. He dies in a car crash which leaves his son paralysed.

The actress is also no stranger to the horror genre having previously starred in 2002 hit The Ring.

Check out the trailer here: