Baldwin has been making headlines recently for peeving off Trump in his SNL impersonation of the candidate. Now in a new trailer for animated feature Boss Baby, the 30 Rock actor stars as the titular character.

Dressed in an Armani suit and carrying a briefcase, this baby is adorable but mischievous and thoroughly hilarious. This short preview of the new film is definitely only a teaser of what’s to come.

Directed by Tom McGrath (whose credits include the Madagascar trilogy and Will Ferrell starrer Megamind) for Dreamworks, The Boss Baby also stars Tobey Maguire, Lisa Kudrow, Steve Buscemi and Jimmy Kimmel.

It follows 7 year old Tim who has to adjust to a new home life when his parents bring him a new baby brother. Tim finds the little one’s behaviour increasingly unusual. After finding out he can talk and is on a secret mission, the two reluctantly join forces to stop the Puppy Co.’s evil CEO plan for world domination.

Check it out:

The Boss Baby is due on March 31, 2017.