Last year's All Is Lost was, for us, an under-appreciated gem of a film.

Robert Redford says nothing for over an hour in a shipwreck. Amazing.

What's more, the director J.C Chandor marked himself out as a director to watch. Both All Is Lost and Margin Call were pretty intense films that garnered a huge critical response.

A Most Violent Year tells the story of the infamous Garbage Wars of New York City during the 1980s, specifically 1981.

Oscar Isaac plays an ambitious immigrant who, with the help of his wife (Jessica Chastain), is fighting his way to the top in not-so legal ways.

The film hasn't even been released and already it's being talked about as a serious contender for Oscar gold.

Initial thoughts? Oscar Isaac can't put a foot wrong and he's been solid in everything he's done. First Drive, then this and with Star Wars Episode VII on the way, he could potentially smash out and become even more well-known.

This has shades of Goodfellas, Zodiac and a number of classy, well-made gangster films. In short, we can't wait.