If you first watched The Room back in some small little cinema with a group of fans about seven or eight years ago - hello to the crew who used to screen it in The Sugar Club in Dublin, by the way - the press tour for The Disaster Artist has been particularly strange.

Whatever about James Franco doing a pretty spot-on Wiseau impression, it's seeing Actual, Real-Life Tommy Wiseau turn up in places such as Jimmy Kimmel Live and be every bit as weird as you'd expect. How weird are we talking? Take, for example, the standard uniform for a male guest on a late night talk show.

Suit, tie, shoes, maybe something quirky like bright-coloured socks. Tommy Wiseau laughs uncontrollably in the face of your conventions and turns up wearing THREE BELTS AROUND HIS WAIST and SUNGLASSES IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT.

Also, check out Tommy Wiseau admitting - for the very first time - that he's actually European, and not from New Orleans.