Starring in a film like Avengers: Infinity War can have a lot of bonuses for actors.

For one, you're starring in a huge production that'll get traction right around the globe and lead on to much more work. The money, as well, clearly plays a part. There's also the work itself, which can be challenging and exciting in a way that they've never experienced before. The downsides, unfortunately, are that you're often bound by excessively rigid non-disclosure agreements and secrecy.

So, the quandary is that when said actor is sent into an interview scenario for a completely unrelated film, how do they address and answer questions on it? Well, that's exactly what happened when we sat down with Tom Vaughn-Lawlor to talk about his upcoming prison thriller, Maze.

Our interview covered preparing for his role as Larry Marley, working alongside Barry Ward who plays Maze prison warder Gordon Close - and, yes, we asked him to tell us everything he was allowed to say about Avengers: Infinity War.

Infinity War starts around the 8:15 mark.