Forrest Gump is, we think, the very definition of cinematic marmite. Some love its gorgeous tale of Americana and redemption whilst others dismiss it as a hokey, exploitative tearjerker with forgettable performances.

Either way, it's one of those films that pretty much everyone has seen.

In this early test footage for the film, Tom Hanks is introduced to Haley Joel Osment - who would later go on to star in equally marmite film The Sixth Sense with Bruce Willis.

As you'll see in the footage, a clearly nervous Osment is put at ease by Hanks as they talk about everything from chocolate to Darkwing Duck.

In fact, the whole audition is thrown out when Hanks realises he has a rapport with the young lad.

It's heartwarming stuff and reminds us that Tom Hanks is, in fact, the best human who has ever lived.

And how friggin' adorable does Haley Joel Osment look? We reckon the chiseller would have been around six years old when this was filmed.

Seriously, how could would it be to hang out with Tom Hanks as a kid and talk about Disney cartoons? Hell, we're grown-ass adults and that's all we'd wanna do.


Via YouTube