Although we weren't huge fans of Jack Reacher, it did do quite well at the box-office - certainly enough, it would seem, to justify a sequel.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back centres on Tom Cruise's military investigator-turned-drifter investigating the framing of his replacement, Cobie Smulders, by a huge government conspiracy. The trailer doesn't give much away in the story department, but there's enough kicks, punches, jumping off of buildings and car chases to warrant your attention.

Take a look.

So, thoughts? To be honest, the fact the first one did as well as it did was a shock. It felt to us like an uninspired thriller that Kevin Costner would have starred in the late '80s /  early '90s before Dances With Wolves. Ed Zwick, who previously directed The Last Samurai and Glory, seems like an odd choice to direct.

His films are more known for their sweeping visuals and Oscar-bait sequences, so why is he doing a taut crime thriller like this? Who knows.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back hits Irish cinemas on October 21st.