Now now now Tom, just because no one has asked you doesn't mean you can turn your nose up at them.

Tom Cruise sat down with Jimmy Kimmel to talk all things 'Jack Reacher' last night and between talking about how fast he is and how much he likes to beat people up (for a movie), Cruise was also forced to speak about the new wave of comic book movies and why he hasn't been in one yet and if he ever would be.

"I really enjoy those films," he told Kimmel, after denying ever having had a 'serious' conversation with either Marvel or DC about starring in one of their many franchises. "I make the 'Missions' and the 'Reacher' movies and different kind of films..."

Now all that could be a smokescreen (and we know how fond Hollywood is of those) but we get the feeling that maybe Cruise has just never been asked to take part. That or there just aren't enough running scenes in comic book movies and that's pretty much the only thing he's interested in doing.