Gabriel Gundacker is a man who has a few goals in life (probably), but the one that he's most consumed by is a burning desire to meet Richard Dreyfuss. 

Gundacker is so taken by the idea of meeting the star of What About Bob? and Mr. Holland's Opus that he decided to pen a tune that would express that wish in elqouent rhyme, complete with backing from a keyboard. 

There's a soulful, sometimes funky element to the song as Gundacker earnestly asks the burning questions that we all want to know about Dreyfuss, such as what's his handshake like and how is his relationship with his family? There's only one man to ask to get those answers, Richie himself. 

So, if you do happen to have the contact info for Dreyfuss, you can drop Gundacker a tip on the website he set up specifically for that purpose. You might laugh, but at least Gabriel's committed to this, so much so that he freely admits he'd kill us all for a chance to meet the man himself. That's worrying, but it does show determination.  

Via The AV Club