You know when you're out and about minding your own business and all of a sudden you spot a stranger that is the absolute image of a celebrity or fictional character from the movies?

Anyone who tuned into the Late Late Show last Friday night would be familiar with this experience when they caught a glimpse of Dublin footballer Philly McMahon's father. 

It's one thing seeing a doppelganger on TV. When you spot one in real life, it's a different story. You do the initial double take to make sure you're not seeing things. If you're with a friend you make sure to get a second opinion on the matter. You subtly stare at the person from afar and covertly divert your eyes whenever they look your way. Finally, if the opportunity presents itself you take a sly photo so you can send it to your mates on Whatsapp. It's almost like being a spy.

One thing we'd advise you NOT to do is to charge up to the doppelganger, filming them on your phone and quoting they're most famous line to them in the hope you'll get a reaction. Or well you know go ahead and do it but make sure you get a video as funny as this one out of it. 

Mark from Australian comedy duo, The Royal Stampede, spotted a Richard Attenborough lookalike. Not only that but he was a Richard Attenborough lookalike in full John Hammond from Jurassic Park getup. The resulting video is a must watch for any Jurassic Park fan. 



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Posted by The Royal Stampede on Monday, 15 February 2016

Via Mashable