Over the years we’ve seen big stars attempt different national and regional accents with varying levels of success. It’s something we all like to put in our two cents about, especially when we know the accent well.

It is something that is dear to our hearts that we see Irish accents represented well on screen (as rare as that is).

In this really interesting video, we see dialect coach Erik Singer break down 32 actors’ accents and impersonations.

Erik Singer helps actors with their accents in various film and television productions, with recent credits including Inferno, Pelé: Birth of a Legend, and Nurse Jackie.

Some of the actors’ performances he praises include Philip Seymour Hoffman’s in Capote and Idris Elba in The Wire. Some of the accents he amusingly criticises include Kevin Costner’s English accent in Robin Hood and Mickey Rooney's in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Check it out: