Really. Don't even crack a light-hearted joke about his terrible accent in Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula.

Just don't do it, man. It's not worth it. Keanu Reeves will literally end you and your entire existence. He obviously walks around, armed to the teeth and is able to fight off an actual army if this video is anything to go by.

Presumably, this video was filmed quite recently before John Wick: Chapter Two began filming as that amount of firepower obviously wouldn't sit well in the follow-up to Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey. Or would it?

Wyld Stallyns reform as a close-quarters protection agency and are assigned to protect a high-profile celebrity who's the target of kidnappers. Bill & Ted have to lock-and-load to get back the high-profile celebrity who turns out to be... KEANU REEVES. (Inception Horn)

No, really, this is terrifying and if the Zombie Apocalypse occurs, everyone meet up at Keanu Reeves' place. It'll be safe there.


Via YouTube