Robin Williams' incredible career has more than a few highlights - Aladdin, Good Morning Vietnam, The World According To Garp, Hook - but one that stands out for most is Mrs. Doubtfire.

Playing in type and, in a way, against type as a cartoon voice actor who impersonates an elderly British woman to visit his children, Williams' performance was hailed and won him a Golden Globe for Best Actor in Comedy / Musical. It also won Best Makeup at that year's Academy Awards.

These early makeup tests for the role show that it's not just about having exceptionally good makeup in a role, it's also about embodying the role and it's something that, over the course of the tests, Williams does so effortlessly.

There's also a part where Williams is introduced to Mara Wilson, the young co-star in the film, and isn't made aware of the fact that it's Robin Williams.

Take a look.

You really couldn't imagine any other than Robin Williams in the role, could you?

It's amazing to see how transformative the makeup was and, more specifically, how Williams was able to flatten his personality in order to fit into the role seamlessly. No wonder the younger actors didn't recognise him.